1.As a London Based artist can you describe this artscene with 3 honest words? 

Closed Online Virtual

2. Is relevancy important to the artistic self? Do you think relevance is a dangerous thing for an artist to be enticed by? 

I think that the term ‘relevancy’ is mega subjective.  The intersectional feminist issues that I am navigating seem to me incredibly important and relevant.  The fact that they are still issues shows how little relevance they have to many others however. 

I would say that an individual artist's perception of relevancy is important to the artistic self and I don’t think that’s dangerous.  At our best – artists can be change makers and activists.  As the late Margaret Mead said in 1978:  Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” 

3. Is the London art scene an international one or is the actual lobby a very regional snobby closed club? 


4. How do you feel about expectations, do you think art needs to address issues or is it ok for it to be a self serving enterprise? 

I think art can and should be whatever the maker and the viewer want it to be.  

As I touched upon previously though:  At its best it can be an astute commentary on complex issues.  I enjoy the latter's multivalence! 


5. How easy is it for you to let go of a concept that you can’t make sense of or does not fit to the work you are making? 

Not the easiest-I still have an unfinished project about Brexit, with French Revolution vibes in a cornflakes box at my studio.  The idea was clunky but that cereal stairs me out daily. 

6. If you could pick someone to write your eulogy, who would you choose? What would you wish the title to be? 

‘Bex Was Ere’:  Riffing on the Absolutely Fabulous episode where Patsy and Eddy talk about their tombstones.  If I was feeling fancy, I would say Jennifer Saunders as she is my idol-unfortunately she doesn’t know me (yet) so this may limit her work. 

I would therefore say my wonderful partner Tanya.  She knows me better than I know myself-which in terms of self-preservation and ego-may be a good or a bad thing?  Who knows?  

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